Have furniture you want to sell?

Having Affordable Office Services liquidate your excess product helps the environment.
“Going green” has become a trend, but recycling office furniture was how we began in this industry and through our recycling services,
we have kept several million pounds of furniture out of landfills. Customers always come first; we can make recommendations when to donate used furniture for tax credit instead of
putting it through a buyback back system. For more
information about Affordable Offices liquidation, valuation, inventory and buyback services, give us a call or email!

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Storage Services

We are a one stop destination for all your storage needs. If you are traveling, renovating your house, running out of space or looking for storage space on rental for your households and furnitures,

Temperature Controlled Environment

Climate controlled storage units are cooled or heated 65° to 85° depending on the season. They should be used for anything you would store in your home rather than a garage or shed.

CCTV Monitoring

Surveillance cameras allow facility managers to monitor everything that is going on at the facility since they can’t be standing guard at every unit at the same time.

Pest Control

Pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches, skunks, mice, ticks, spiders, black ants, bed bugs, hornets, termites, snakes, wildlife, and others can spread bacteria and microbes.

24X7 Security

Our goal is to make your life easier and to protect your product. Remote monitoring allows us to view our cameras as well as access points from almost anywhere 24/7/365.

Fire Control

Fire Control storage units or indoor storage units can be an excellent choice for furniture or anything that could be damaged by extreme weather conditions, like heat, cold, dampness, or dryness.

Professional Services

Affordable Office Services allows you to to compare Professionals, storage unit sizes, prices of all the best self storage companies.

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